Harold Cohen



Diploma in Fine Arts, University of London. 1951.

Abbey (Rome) Scholarship. 1951.

Lecturer in Art History, Camberwell School of Art, London. 1952-54.

Fellow in Fine Art, University of Nottingham. 1956-59.

Harkness Fellow of the Commonwealth Fund, New York. 1959-61.

Lecturer in Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, London. 1961-65.

Visitor, Slade School of Fine Art, London. 1965-68.

Departmental Visitor, Coventry College of Art. 1965-68.

Visiting Lecturer, Visual Arts Department, UC San Diego. 1968-69.

Professor and Chairman, Visual Arts Department, UC San Diego. 1969-71.

Professor, Visual Arts Department, UC San Diego. 1971-1994.

Visitor, Art Department, UC Berkeley. Fall 1973.

Visiting Scholar, Computer Science Department, (Artificial Intelligence Lab) Stanford University. 1973-75.

Visiting Andrew Mellon Professor of Computer Art and Research Fellow of the Robotics Lab, Carnegie-Mellon University. Spring 1984.

Artist in Residence, Ontario Science Center. Summer 1984.

Director, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, UC San Diego. 1992-1998.

Emeritus Professor, UC San Diego. 1994-present.

One-Person Exhibitions

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. 1950.

Gimpel Fils Gallery, London. 1954.

Gimpel Fils Gallery, London. 1956.

Art Gallery, University of Nottingham. 1956.

Gimpel Fils Gallery, London. 1958.

Art Gallery, University of Nottingham. 1959.

Alan Stone Gallery, New York. 1961.

Robert Fraser Gallery, London. 1962.

Alan Stone Gallery, New York. 1963.

Robert Fraser Gallery, London. 1963.

Whitechapel Gallery, London. (Retrospective) 1964.

Jerrold Morris Gallery, Toronto. 1967.

Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal. 1967.

The Art Gallery, Vancouver. 1967.

Art Studio Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark. 1968.

Robert Fraser Gallery, London. 1968.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London:
Tapestries and textiles designed by Harold Cohen:
with tour of British Museums. 1968.

Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. 1968.

Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. 1968.

Curwen Gallery, London. 1968.

"A Computer-controlled Drawing Machine" Fall Joint Computer Conference. 1971.

"Three Behaviors for the Partitioning of Space" Los Angeles County Museum. 1972.

The Art Gallery, San Diego State College. 1972.

"Machine Generated Images" La Jolla Museum. 1973.

"Drawings by Hand / Drawings by Machine" The Art Department Gallery, UC Berkeley. 1974.

"New Drawings" The Art Gallery, Sacramento State University. 1974.

Retrospective Exhibition, Scottish Arts Council Gallery, Edinburgh.

Scottish Arts Council Gallery, Aberdeen. 1976.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. 1977.

"An Artist's Use of the Computer". Arts Council of Great Britain Exhibition Tour: 1978-79.

"Drawing" San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 1979.

De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, Mass. 1982.

The Brooklyn Museum. 1983.

National Museum of Wales. 1983.

The Tate Gallery, London. 1983.

Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. 1983.

Buhl Science Center, Pittsburgh. 1984

The Computer Museum, Boston. 1995.

South-Western College Gallery, Chula Vista. 1999.

"AARON's Creativity" Invited talk, Sendai, Japan, Mediatheque. 2001

"Untouched by Hand" New Digital Prints by Harold Cohen, Pacific Beach Public Library. 2004

"AARON’s Garden" New Digital Works by Harold Cohen, Pacific Beach Public Library. 2007

"AARON’s World" New Digital Works by Harold Cohen, Gallery Antonio Prates, Lisbon. 2007

"Harold Cohen/AARON" Large-scale Digital Works by Harold Cohen, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. 2007

"Colour Rules" Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London. 2008

"Digital Prints" Art Gallery of the Children's Hospital, Boston. 2009

"New Paintings", Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London. 2011

"Collaborations with My Other Self", UC San Diego. 2011-2012

Small Group and Two-Person Exhibitions

"Four Englishmen", Milan. 1966.

"Two Decorative Works by Henri Matisse and Harold Cohen" Tate Gallery, London. 1966.

"33rd Venice Biennale" 1966.

"Four Artists from Southern California", Reese Paley Gallery, San Francisco. 1968.

"Prints by Harold Cohen and Bernard Cohen", Marlborough Gallery, London. 1972.

"TSUKUBA-EXPO 85" US Pavilion, World Fair:
represented the US with "AARON," as one of four exhibits on Expert Systems. 1985.

Group Exhibitions

"Abstract Impressionism", London and tour. 1960.

"Situations", London. 1960.

"New London Situations", London. 1961.

"Deuxieme Biennale de Paris", Paris and tour. 1961.

"Carnegie International", Pittsburgh. 1961.

"British Art Today", San Francisco, Dallas and Santa Barbara. 1961.

"Tokyo Biennale", Tokyo. 1963.

"British Painting", Australia and Japan tour. 1963-64.

"British Painting in the Sixties", London. 1963.

"Milan Triennale", Milan. 1963.

"Dunne International", London and Canada tour. 1963-64.

"Premio de Lissone", Milan. 1963.

"Profile III - Englische Kunst", Bochum. 1964.

"Documenta III", Kassel. 1964.

"Britische Malerie der Gegenwart", Dusseldort. 1964.

"A Decade of Painting and Sculpture",Tate Gallery, London. 1964.

"IVth Biennale des Jeunes", Paris. 1965.

"London, the New Scene", Minneapolis, Washington,Boston, Seattle, Vancouver. 1965.

"British Painting Today", Hamburg. 1966.

"English Graphic Art", Cologne. 1966.

"Aspects of British Art", Australia and NewZealand. 1966.

"Carnegie International", Pittsburgh. 1967.

"Young British Painters", Brussels. 1967.

"The Stuyvesant Foundation Collection", Tate Gallery, London. 1967.

"Northern Ireland International", Belfast. 1968.

"Artists from Southern California", Mills College, Oakland. 1969.

"Superlimited", Jewish Museum, NewYork. 1969.

"Recent Prints by Some British Painters and Sculptors", National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. 1970.

"2nd British International Print Biennale", Bradford City Art Gallery. 1970.

"White Paintings", La Jolla Museum. 1970.

"Small Works", UCSD. Art Gallery. 1970.

"Prints from the KELPRA Studio", Hayward Gallery, London. 1970.

"Computer Art", Oberlin College. 1972.

"Contributors Exhibition", International Sculpture Conference, Lawrence Kansas. 1974.

"Faculty Exhibition", UCSD. 1976.

"Artists at Curwen" Tate Gallery, London. 1977.

"Drawing Invitational Exhibition", Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego. 1977.

"Documenta 6", Kassel, Germany. 1977.

"Images of Ourselves" Tate Gallery, London. 1980.

"Faculty Exhibition", UCSD. 1980.

"The Kelpra Studio: Artists' Prints 1961-80" Tate Gallery. London, 1980.

"Master Weavers - Tapestry from the Dovecot Studios" Edinburgh Festival. 1980.

"Landscape: The Printmaker's View" Tate Gallery, London. 1980.

"Black and White American Drawing, 1970-80" Brooklyn Museum, NY. 1980.

"Mapped Art" 1981-83
University of Colorado Art Gallery
University of Texas Art Gallery, Austin
Arkansas Arts Center
Toledo Museum of Art

"Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition", UCSD. 1984.

"The Machine as a Young Artist" Ontario Science Center, Toronto. 1984.

"Taking Liberty" Exhibition of Images of the Statue of Liberty, New York State Museum. 1986.

"Smart Machines" Boston Computer Museum. 1987.

"Computers and Art" The Everson Museum, Syracuse. 1987.

"Robots and Beyond: The Age of Intelligent Machines" The Boston Museum of Science. 1987.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. 1987.

Discovery Place, Charlotte NC. 1988.

Museum of Science and History. 1988.

California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles. 1988.

Science Museum of Minnesota, 1988.

"Digital Visions" The IBM Gallery of Art and Science. NYC, 1988.

"UCSD Faculty Art '88" Mandeville Art Gallery, UCSD. 1988.

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. 1989.

Center for Science and Industry, Columbus. 1989.

"Alternate Applications: Computer Technology in the Arts" Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery. UCSC. 1989.

"Meet the Al" HARP Exhibition, Tokyo. 1989.

"Faculty Exhibition", UC San Diego. 1997.

"A Good Impression: A Century of Print-making in San Diego" San Diego Museum of Art. 2002.

"Digital Prints", San Diego Central Library. 2003.

ARTWARE3 International, Lima, Peru. 2004.

"BIOART" Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. 2005.

"Prints Now", Victoria Albert Museum, London. 2006.

"20th Century Computer Art: Beginnings and Developments. The Work and Thought of Pioneers and Contemporary Practitioners of Algorithmic Art" Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo, Japan. 2006.

"Original Print Fair" Royal Academy, London. 2007.

Madrid Art Fair, Madrid. 2007.

"Digital Pioneers", Victoria Albert Museum, London. 2009-2010.

Public Collections

Tate Gallery, London.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The Arts Council of Great Britain.

The British Council.

The Gulbenkian Foundation.

The Contemporary Art Society, London.

Leicestershire Education Committee.

University of London.

University of Nottingham.

University of Warwick.

The Art Gallery of Toronto.

The Peter Stuyvesant Foundation.

The British Petroleum Company.

Jews College, London.

The National Gallery of Western Australia.

The National Gallery of Northern Ireland.

The National Museum of Wales.

The Bristol Art Gallery.

The Los Angeles County Museum.

The City of Birmingham Art Museum.

The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

The City of Sheffield Art Museum.

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

The Digital Equipment Corporation.

Muir College, UC San Diego.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Brooklyn Museum.

Scottish Life Insurance Company.

Glasgow City Art Gallery.

The Arnolfini Trust, Bristol.

Yale Center for British Art.

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

Public Commissions

Wall-Hanging for the Milan Triennale. 1963.

Tapestry for the British Petroleum Company. 1965.

Tapestry for the Victoria and Albert Museum. 1967.

Two murals for Digital Equipment Corporation. 1980.

Mural for Capitol Children's Museum, Wash. DC. 1980.

Mosaic mural for Stanford University. 1981.

Mural for the Buhl Science Center, Pittsburgh. 1984.

Mural for the Ontario Science Center, Toronto. 1984.

Mural for the Digital Equipment Corporation. 1986.

Tapestry design for the Edinburgh Tapestry Company. 1986.

"AARON's Drifting World" a continuous artwork, permanent installation, Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburg. 2009


"The Homecoming" Edition de Luxe of the play by Harold Pinter, Curwen Press. 1966

"Drawing for Machine and Four Hands" Limited edition photo-record and notes on the large-scale wall piece by that name, Becky Cohen and Harold Cohen. May 1976.

"15 Flower World Variations" Poems by Jerome Rothenberg, Drawings by Harold Cohen. MEMBRANE PRESS. 1984.

"The First Artificial Intelligence Coloring Book" With Becky Cohen and Penny Nii. WILLIAM KAUFMAN. 1984.