Harold Cohen


Essays and Lectures

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Reprinted, AISB Quarterly, Summer/Autumn 1999. No. 102.

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"A Million Millennial Medicis" Invited talk, Rhodes College, TN. 2000.

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"A Question of Expertise" Invited Talk, Edinburgh University, 2004.

"Style as Emergence" Invited talk, Fall Symposium, American Association for Artificial Intelligence. 2004.

Talk for Lisbon Symposium on Harold Cohen, Lisbon 2005.

Catalog Essay. Artware3, Lima, Peru, 2005.

"Creativity" a contribution to the Festschrift for Edward Feigenbaum, Stanford University, March 2006.

Talk for the Computer Arts Society, Imperial College, London, 2006.

Talk, Cognitive Science Department, Sussex University, 2006.

"Color, Simply", 2006.

AARON, Colorist: from Expert System to Expert", 2006.

Lisbon Catalog Introduction, 2006.

Santa Cruz Music Festival: Panel on Algorithms, 2006.

"Art in Consumerland; Where, Exactly?" UC Santa Barbara, 2008.

"The Art of Self-Assembly: the Self-Assembly of Art" Dagstuhl Seminar on Computational Creativity, 2009.

"Driving the Creative Machine", Orcas Center, Crossroads Lecture Series, 2010.

"Collaborations with My Other Self", SISTA University of Arizona, Tucson, 2011.

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Selected Reviews, BioArt Exhibition: 2005.
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