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UCSD 2017

On Exhibit: 36 Artworks on exhibit spanning Harold Cohen's computational artwork career from 1969 almost to present day.

Presented by
UCSD Visual Arts Department
La Jolla, California
Jan 19 - Feb 17, 2017.

University Art Gallery (UAG) at Mandelville Center & Visual Arts Gallery at the Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME)

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Art Machine (Automatic Soul)

On Exhibit: The History of AARON (1968-2016). Includes images of AARON's artwork from its earliest stages to Harold Cohen/AARON's collaborative effort -- "Fingerpainting for the 21st Century". AARON can be seen in its various stages from turtle to drawing machine to painting machine.

Presented by
Electro Museum
July 7 - July 31, 2016.

Moscow, Russia

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Mouse in the Machine: Nature in the Age of Digital Art

On Exhibit: Painting Machine Artwork painted by AARON (Harold Cohen's 1990's Painting Machine)

Presented by
Thoma Art Foundation
June 10, 2016 - Spring 2017

Art House
231 Delgado St.
Santa Fe, NM

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